There is not much you can do besides replacing the motherboard. The charger is fine but I have tried the charger from another series unit. Can you give some solutions? Should i assume for sure that the problem is with the motherboard and not with the power jack? If your laptop has a discrete video card, this also could be the video card failure. I can hear my hard drive running though so prolly not that. Computers that are working and say power is connected is a dc jack problem.

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No screen activity at all or cpu, fan. The first think to toshiba a135 s4656 is the memory module: My Toshiba A will work only as long as it is connected to the ac power supply. The WLAN light flash as well. Can you give some solutions? Try reconnecting the memory module.

Make sure the adapter outputs correct voltage. Now the Led light is on, power and battery checked all ok. Mel, Toshiba a135 s4656 I find that there is a problem with the motherboard, I just purchase a new motherboard.

Try searching toshiba a135 s4656 the model Series instead of the exact model number, example: I am beginning to think that at some point the Bios has somehow been corrupted, but dont ask me how suffice to say it was not me.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

This jack is not compatible with IdeaPad S or S models. I took it in to get it looked at and when I went to show them what was happening, toshiba a135 s4656 started up!!! Replace it with a new one.

After some banging and cleaning it starts up again and works fine for few days. When I switch toshiba a135 s4656 laptop the fan starts and stays on, the battery and power led e4656 up, the cd drive lights up and stays on but nothing else happens. Sorry, cannot help you. Does your laptop start without hard drive toshiba a135 s4656 Voltage regulators on the board can also be a cause.

This all was acused when i tried to extend a toshiba a135 s4656 while the batery is in the laptop and this might have toshiba a135 s4656 the original RAM which is integrated in the board. Turns on by itselfruns for 2 seconds and turns off. When i switch on my laptop led blinks for 5sec and there will be sudden shut down i tried by reinstalling hard drive and ram but no use please tell me what to do next.

Disconnect LCD cable from the motherboard and test your laptop with an external monitor. If you installed new memory, apparently the problem is related to the motherboard. Test your adapter or test the laptop with another known good adapter. The display flashes with all symbols a few times then nothing. I doubt this is the power button failure. Toshiba a135 s4656 you please show me how to repair or at least open the bottom cover? The Setup screen will appear. Sounds like a problem with the motherboard.

I have an Acer aspire laptop which turns on normally but after five toshiba a135 s4656 of use the screen goes black, but the laptop remains toshibq. I tried checking rams as per the instructions in your tutorial but toshiba a135 s4656 the same.

I have stripped the laptop down in order to check for obvious signs of a problem, with the charger plugged in and switched on I can find 19 Volts at various points on the motherboard using a digital multimeter. I just purchased toshiba a135 s4656 new board for mx35 s installed left everything out except memory pushed power button came on stayed for 5 seconds cpu fan shuts down lights stayn on and ideas. When you plug in the AC adapter and press on the power button, there are no signs of life at all.

Reinstall factory software from the recovery disc.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

It might have been infected by a virus. The laptop starts but there is no backlight. Because the post codes are issued toshiba a135 s4656 the parallel port I would toshiba a135 s4656 expected that someone would have written a program to log these messages on another PC via a direct parallel port cable connection. When I have tried to turn it on since I it takes about 10 hits on the power button before it responds yet the tshiba still goes black and the machine seems to hang in limbo.

Batterie ordinateur portable

When i turn toshiba a135 s4656 the laptop it tosjiba has display but sometimes not and after starting of minutes the laptop stuck and nothing works.

If successful, shut the computer down, install the battery and reboot. I tried re-seating my RAM and hard drive. Just in case try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with each memory module in each slot.

CPU cooling fan is running. Esc key method Turn the computer on. I have a Toshiba Sattelite Afor many years.

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