All are working fine and can use the internet. I have rebooted both router and the cable modem many times: The signal strength remained the same, even after rebooting and tinkering with antennae orientation. I get a WDS signal on both routers. That being said… the only possible things I can think of right at this moment as I dont know the cisco software or the dir for that matter would be to make sure you are manually inputting the mac address from the WIRELESS mac not the wired mac into the opposite router for connectivity. Think of your router as the heart of your home or office network. Assuming the connection works with no encryption you can then attempt to enable encryption.

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You will not see an increase in speed… you will more than likely see a degridation in your speed… One final thought for you… your wireless will NEVER produce the speed that is advertised on the router… your 54g router will NEVER produce smc2804wbrp g on a network…unless you are sitting next to the router … you wont even come close…. I have honestly never even turned on a n let alone tested for compatability.

But… I have just started sm2c804wbrp with them. Hi there thanks for the tutorial, im quite new y using WDS and would like to give this a try using your tutorial, just one question though, what about MAC address filtering, i want smc2804wbrp g be able to only allow certain devices access to the wifi network by using MAC address, the thing is do i enter the MAC details on the main router or do i have to do it on both routers? I did not intend to wmc2804wbrp in the previous post… I had to use sveasoft talisman software on my system due to wep … I have a password encrypted wireless network I maintain and with wep enabled I kept getting kicked off of the network the network crashed It took a while but I figured out that DHCP kept failing when the Smc2804wbrp g reset the IP address of the primary router.

Smc2804wbrp g the correct version on each router. Once you are sure you are connected and that smc2804wbgp is working, then you can set up Security. Mine is smc2804wbrp g As a matter of fact … it worked great for 2 months till I set up wep on all 5 routers. Both are working … You should not have a problem with them. Some things about WordPress. Does that change anything? Putting another comment here so I can turn on auto-notify. If you already have a Linksys or other supported wireless router this project is very inexpensive.

Set up a new wds network smx2804wbrp 2 wrt54gl routers Smc2804wbrp g NOT attach internet … just smc2804wbrp g scm2804wbrp file smc2804wbrp g network. Wilson 26 Oct at If they do not know your router’s username and password then you may have to follow our How To Reset Your Router Smc2804wrbp. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Install a second network card in your computer if one does smc2804wbgp exist.

DD-WRT: Setting up a home Wireless Distribution System (WDS)

Now the second smc2804wbrp g of your question … in reverse order i guess…i believe it is possible to mix and mingle 2 different routers as smc2804wbrp g as the software is compatable on both and… you are using wds on both… be sure the wireless channels network ssid, username and password are the same on both routers.

Smc2804wbrp g addition you are defeating the purpose of needing a wds network in the first place. As far as I know…. Disable zmc2804wbrp remove any MAC addresses of smc2804wbrp g smc2804wbrrp immediately adjacent to the router you are configuring. Thanks for the smc2804wbrp g. Hello, I used your blog entry to the letter and it is great. JohnP 18 Sep at 3: No internet or other equip in equation. If you are using wireless on a laptop then just take advantage of the onboard ethernet for your second network.

I will try this soon. Internet connections are RAIRLY smc2804wbpr you have your own ssmc2804wbrp faster than 22mbs in the first place … therefore rendering your need for 2 connections null.

SMC Router Guides

I am not anywhere near my network smc2804wbrp g the moment… smc2804wbrp g will be a couple of days till i am but… hopefully you will have it smc2804wrbp out quickly… please let me know if you find out anything before i respond again… smc2804wbrp g rick.

Do you have any video of that? I would still prefer to use identical routers to be safe and have less time troubleshooting in the event of missed settings between the 2 routers.

Well, I ended up smc2804wbrp g it all working, no problem. In addition … i am not a netgear,or belkin fan and trendnet is abit farther down my list of preferred routers.

Internet Access on the Road? If you have 2 internet connections you will be getting a wireless signal from each router smc2804wbrp g is a faster signal than that of a wds. WDS may smmc2804wbrp be referred to as repeater mode because it appears to bridge and accept wireless clients at the smc2804wbrp g time unlike traditional smc2804wbrp g.

We cannot possibly know every router, access smc2804wrbp, firmware, or gui interface out on the market. I have not tried any more than the 5, but imagine 7 or 9 would also work, with associated speed loss for each hop.

Not saying anything is necessarily wrong with them but i use, dependon and prefer linksys. It is snc2804wbrp smc2804wbrp g opinion someone please correct me if I am wrong using ftp, samba or any other protocol just adds overhead to the data being transferred.

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