The answer is quite simple: In most cases, it will come preinstalled. I need to see a full log. You can reactivate it by following the instructions in the “answers” page above scroll near the bottom. Yikes — getting the dreaded “unknown error” when attempting to sync with Garmin Connect.

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L’exportations des fichiers fit c’est exactement ce dont j’ai besoin. Can you help please? I had my Garmin because of an error exchange by garmin-service warranty.

Hi, first I want to say it’s very useful application. It just wont work. Sportablet if you’re using a 10″ tablet, the Uploader for Garmin if you have a smaller tablet or a smartphone.

Garmin–Potential issues with new Version 3 USB Mini Ant stick

I’m sure that is a daft question, but although I garmin ant usb-m stick follow fairly complicated instructions, I’m not a tech head I’m trying though! Voir le code promo: I use your ‘Uploader’ and it tells gar,in it completes the transfer, presumably from my xt garmin ant usb-m stick my Samsung S3. Had everything off but forgot the gps haha. You have two ways to test: But I get “login error” znt trying to upload the unlocked activity to garmin connect. For a xt, it will be a FIT file.

Carlo For your information However, I notice that it does not seem possible to choose to download the most recent activity. As an aside, remember to follow the tweaking section once you get it working, as for wnt data must be off and it was on in your log.

I recorded about 30 minutes under the ‘Running’ setting on xt. I have a galaxy s4 and Garmin fr Happily paid for full version.

Garmin–Potential issues with new Version 3 USB Mini Ant stick – Highly Tuned Athletes

Cet article vous a plu? A z2 probably requires that you set the file chunk down a notch.

Hi, i have followed every step to connect an xt with an samsung note 8but it will not work, the error message that appears is “ant disabled”. Thanks a lot, BUB.

Comparatif montres cardio – GPS

I now use the Garmin Uploader on my Nexus 7 as my “go to” download tool. I garmin ant usb-m stick even begin usb-mm understand your problems without seeing a log. Sure it does, just click on the unlocked activity, you’ll see the details tab and the share tab, like shown here: I need a few more logs to understand what is going on, so if you want to try this, get in touch via email afterwards and I’ll see what I can do In that case I only could use de Uploader App It’s a decision that I can change with little effort Some phones are not properly classified in the garmin ant usb-m stick play database, and in that case download is garmin ant usb-m stick possible on the other hand, it might be that your phone does not have usb host support, in which case the key won’t work anyway.

Hi Carlo, does this also work for the Garmin Swim? I have the Gamrin 3 and the xt. Ce serait vraiment super! About loading newest activities first: That’s a google policy which cannot be changed by apps. What can it be?

This is gutting, or am I doing something wrong? Can this be the cause? Carlo – I see one activity with a padlock, I have not paid as want to see it saved first to website Garmin Connect.

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