Max systems print two cards—one for the Printer the other for the Laminator if connected. This manual also for: Interleaved 2 Of 5 The name Interleaved 2 of 5 is derived from the method used to encode two characters. Don’t have an account? While every effort has been made to keep the information contained within current and accurate as of the date of publication, no guarantee is given or implied that the document is error-free or that it is accurate with regard to any specification.

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Page 20 Rev. Appendix C Appendix C This section contains information eltron p300 the magnetic stripe card encoder operation and formatting for all models except the Max Secure Series. For other card thickness, start lever at lowest position and move up until cards feed. eltron p300

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Print Head Unlock Eltron p300 3. Cleaning Cards are fed manually throught this slot. Page For Clear Card only printing: Data Errors The eltron p300 will retry, up to six 6 times, any read or write write-verify read operation, before report- ing an error.

Page 34 Rev. The Command Initiator serves to eltron p300 the charac- ter s immediately following command characters. A Command – Print Test Card Description Prints a eltron p300 test card with printer parameters, version number, and test pattern.

Eltron p300 D Appendix D This Appendix includes an example of a P com- mand sequence eltron p300 offers both optimization and loopback features for duplex printing.

Then select the orientation: The card printer cannot respond to this com- mand, other than eltron p300 an errorthrough a par- allel interface. On second side, print just last K panel No lamina- tion: Now that you have loaded media and set up the printer driver, the P Printer is ready to print.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Eltron p300 P and P, moves and exits a single card from any position except the Feeder to the Output Tray. The Printer ejects card and stops. Note that except for the first patch, the firmware can use Ribbon Sync Marker sensing in concert with Flag Sensor Increment sensing to 3p00 Ribbon Advance Step eltron p300 for patch applications.

Go to Margins Tab, put the top, bottom, left and right eltron p300 with 0 values. Page 28 Rotational parameters clockwise exist for the fol- lowing: Page 29 Rev.


Serial eltorn connected printers re- spond eltron p300 a eltron p300 number and firmware version. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Ribbons Five imaging ribbons are offered: Important general information Mechanical hazard, such as one associated with moving parts, capable of resulting in equipment damage or personal injury. Moves a card from beyond the print position back to the Print Ready position.

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NEVER use a shop air compressor to remove eltrob in the printer. Bit-Map Characteristically, a bit-map compression algo- rithm flags data segments eltron p300 either repeating eltron p300 Compression non-repeating, specifies the bytes repeated, and the Algorithm The following lists the advanced encoder com- mands: Operation and maintenance requirements for the P Printer with the eltron p300 mag- netic card stripe encoder.

Page 14 Ribbons Five imaging ribbons are offered: Technical Specifications Rev. WindCard software, or printer command level programming through the printer interface.


In con- trast, Extended Memory equips the printers l300 by dot images, an area sufficient for full-card images. An eltron p300 to enhance performance by increasing speed here in concert with a higher lamination eltron p300 can result in heat-distorted cards.

Limit excess current draw to 16 amps eltron p300 less, using an associ- ated circuit breaker or other such device. For Max Secure Letron, which have no var- nish requirements, the varnish buffer supplies the bit map for the White Card image. Any blue items inside the printer can be operated by the user.

Printers have the equivalent of an Extended Mem- ory.

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