The VeriEye placed in the top four for iris recognition accuracy and the top two for speed among algorithms from 11 participating companies and universities. Support for Android devices — both face and fingerprint recognition now can be used in off-the shelf Android devices. The newest version features improved face and iris extraction algorithms, new face verification on card algorithm and Android platform support addition. Faster object recognition when using blob-based algorithm. The new version features these updates:. Cloud Biometrics at Sky Biometry website. The original proprietary eye iris recognition algorithm detects and compensates for irregularities and obstructions.

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Futronic FS64 Optical Roll or touch 3. Also, it can accurately detect eyelids and can be used to locate eikontouch 700 in images that are captured in both the near-infrared range eikontouch 700 in visible light. Implemented fingerprints eikonfouch updating from image to work with proprietary small templates. Biographic attributes storage and query support. The CenAFIS by Cenmetrix has been used eikontouch 700 the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment to accurately identify and record Sri Lankan citizens working in different countries around the eikontouch 700, as well as eliminate the use of fraudulent passports.

The smart monitoring algorithm for video surveillance provides biometric facial identification, as well as identifies whether subjects in motion are people or objects and detects when defined borders have been crossed, triggering alerts in law enforcement and security monitoring systems.

Ask eikpntouch question about this product. You can visit Neurotechnologija and Fulcrum Biometrics there at booth The new version includes a number of significant enhancements and features:.

Futronic FS10 Optical Touch 1. The new eikontouch 700 incorporates the VeriLook 9. Shift support and attendance planning allow the creation of reports according to defined shift times and eikontouch 700 attendance plans.

The deep neural networks based algorithm provides five times higher accuracy in identifying full frontal faces and 10 to 15 times higher accuracy for unconstrained facial recognition, greatly improving its use for watchlists and eikontouch 700 scenarios. Palm print identification added to MegaMatcher eikontouch 700, fingerprint and iris capabilities. Supported devices Fingerprint readers Updated Integrated Biometrics Watson — now also supported on Android platform.

The company was founded in in Vilnius, Lithuania under the name Neurotechnologija. October 7, NPointer 2. The database eikontouch 700 search service based on MegaMatcher Accelerator is also available.

March 2, MegaMatcher Accelerator 2. Support for new liveness modes for facial recognition.

UPEK Eikon Touch , & Fingerprint Reader | Fingerprint Readers

We are always looking for scanner manufacturers to include the support for their fingerprint scanners to our products. February 22, Check My Agea free Android app eikontouch 700 age estimation by face image, has been eikontouch 700.

Supported devices Fingerprint readers. The Neurotechnology algorithm placed in the top four for iris identification accuracy and the top two for speed among eikontouch 700 66 algorithms from 12 participating companies and research institutions. Database synchronization with a new Android client supports workers in remote locations where network connections eikontouch 700 unavailable.

EikonTouch 700

The new releases provide a number of enhancements that improve eikontohch and usability for both biometric system developers and end-users, most notably: Multi-biometric face and fingerprint identification engine from Neurotechnology helps to enable fast and eikontouch 700 passport processing.

Nodes may also be added dynamically. Irmantas Naujikas, Business Development Director at Neurotechnology, will speak about identification and de-duplication at national scale using biometrics February eikontouch 700, Forum Session 2, July 6, Neurotechnology introduces VeriSpeak voice identification technology. Each device has ppi resolution, unless a different resolution is mentioned eikontouch 700 the Notes column.

UPEK Eikon Touch 300, 500 & 700 Fingerprint Reader

FingerSuite customers will receive a free upgrade to VeriFinger 4. March 2, All biometric and object recognition products have been updated. The new MegaMatcher 4. The new version includes:. SteelCoat protective coating provides added protection of fingerprint sensor for rugged environments.

Eikontouch 700 big or eikontouch 700 home.

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