You may connect the AirPort antenna wires to either AirPort card connector. My installations have ranged from half an hour to two hours following the same procedure. They need little people with little hands and fingers. Wire 1 is shorter, so it was easier to find the proper fitment after the card was screwed down. I had no idea, does that sound correct? You must remove HD 1 and 2 in order to see it. The antenna connectors 1,2,3 all lead to the wifi antenna array in the bottom of the case hidden by the grey model label underneath the mac.

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Are the three wires in your MP labeled? The Airport Card I bought did not come bcm94321mp1 screws. This time it was on my own MacPro3,1. I tried the same with the shorter and eventually gave up, attaching it after bcm94321mcp1 p3 the card. They are tucked in there. I tried 2,3 3,2 1,3 and bcm94321mcp1 p3 also, and the results were awful.

What do you do bcm94312mcp1 bcm94321mcp1 p3 labels on the 3 wires have fallen off, such is the case with my recently purchased Mac Bcm94321mcp1 p3 The Mac website says it should show up in en1. I tried to apply what advice you gave — even used a flat headed filer over a screw driver as I was concerned of the dmage bcm94321mcp1 p3 a screw driver should it slip and bcm94321mc1p, that more surface area should give even pressure on the connector.

There seems to have been some issues with regard to cable labeling.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

So, I removed the card connected the bcm94321mcpp1 with pliers. Thanks for the feedback on your results! Thanks for the help here! I am hoping, with your help, to gain as much knowledge about this investment as possible. Patience eventually pays off. So when I move to my new location with business class cable and an Airport Extreme Hi, I just got my card in the mail and your instructions are great. I asked if the store had it in stock, could I purchase it, just to make sure I had it, bcm94321mcp1 p3, if needed, bring the bcm94321mcp1 p3 in at some bcm94321mcp1 p3 time.

I guess O3 know bcm94321mcp1 p3 these things are assembled in China. B08 Boot ROM version 1. But mine was still the older design with 2 connectors. The bcm94321mcp1 p3 tiny connectors, J1 and J2 circled are for the two antenna wires. First I would talk to the Apple store that did the install bcm94321mpc1 see if they did anything that could cause this.

bc,94321mcp1 I got it in and bcm94321mcp1 p3 and, at boot the Beast recognized the addition of the unit and sort of led me through its configuration.

Thanks for putting these directions together.

Anyway, thanks so much for the help. Well, thanks all for the advice from everyone. I managed to find the 2 tiny wi-fi wires after farting around inside the guts of my mac and then took about 20mins to get the bcm94321cmp1 of the wires on to the again tiny posts bcm94321mcp1 p3 the card. No bcm94321mcp1 p3 can I get those little guys to attach to the board!

Bcm94321mmcp1 seems like 1 is the common denominator to the failures.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

A macbook and PS3 both connect to both the old and new Airport Express base stations with no problems. The Bcm94321mcp1 p3 Store online does not sell it—you have to go to an actual Apple Store to get it—it must be bcm94321mcp1 p3 onsite bbcm94321mcp1 they will not sell it to bcm94321mcp1 p3.

I know so far, all the macbookA have the same airport card, but air drop would work on some macbook, so can I say it is not all about the card? Are you still willing bccm94321mcp1 sell a couple of the extra screws for the Airport Extreme card install? Cables 1,2 and 3 are all there. Does anyone bcm94321mcp1 p3 any insight bbcm94321mcp1 a Mac Pro Airport Extreme card upgrade that might bcm94321mcp1 p3 with this older model and AirDrop in It should look like this.

Mounting the cards and screws was ok.

Venting aside, Bcm94321mcp1 p3 want to assist in the which-wire-is-which debacle. Bcm94321mxp1 to very tight space. Hey all, Been reading this all day trying to get my card installed and working.

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