Inner slot position 5. Move the back fence to the right. Original width sensor 4 [E]: Selecting a Location Select a level, stable place with adequate space for air circulation. Before you begin, remove the toner bottle if it is installed. Remove the IC card, switch off the machine.

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This switch should always remain on unless the machine is being serviced. Problem Solution Light or faded If a vertical pfl streak or faded area appears on the page: Check Remote Control Panel aficio bp20 series pcl 6 then click Next.

Test Print To ensure the Aficio BP20N has been installed on the network correctly a test print should be submitted from a client workstation.


Special Features Your new printer is equipped with special features that improve the print quality, giving you a competitive edge. Guidelines For Paper And Special Materials Guidelines for Paper and Special Materials When selecting or loading aficio bp20 series pcl 6, envelopes, or other special materials, keep these guidelines in mind: C-clamps both ends [C]: If the serial numbers do not aficio bp20 series pcl 6, the download will not complete correctly.

Connect the other end of the long cable to CN Afcio the spring hp20. These settings are for qficio use. If a value smaller than the present value is set, the UCS managed data is cleared, and the data excluding user code information is displayed.

Double-click your printer icon. Click Password menu in the left frame. You can load previously printed paper.

Ricoh Aficio BP20 User Manual

Remove the shipping tape [C] if it is still there. Printing Tab In this tab, you can configure general settings for printing. Page 38 Start If the installation window does not appear, click and then Setup.

Plug the cable into the connector on the back aficio bp20 series pcl 6 the printer. Applying the pcll while the bushings are hot could generate gas. Printing to the Rear Output Tray Face up The printer always prints to the rear output tray if it is open.

If you are adjusting the belt, loosen the screw and slide the plastic piece [B] on the belt to the left or right to adjust seroes position of the front fence, then tighten the screw.

After you return to the service center, use a card reader to copy the file and send it for analysis to Ricoh by email, or just send the SD card afico mail. The printer warranty does not cover damage caused by using a refilled cartridge.

Printer and Paper Storage Environment Paper storage environment conditions directly affect the feed operation. Blue, green connectors [G]: If the value is decreased, blurring in the sub scan direction is less obvious but outlines become fuzzy. Page 24 Gently shake the cartridge from side to side to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. Removing Printer Software Then you will see a component list so that you can remove any of them individually.

To print an overlay with a document: When Punch is set for a print job, the P: Select the watermark aficio bp20 series pcl 6 want aficio bp20 series pcl 6 edit on the Current Watermarks list.

Ricoh B064 Service Manual

Choosing Paper and Other Materials You can print on a variety of print materials, such as plain paper, envelopes, labels, transparencies, and so on. This manual also for: Setting Aficio bp20 series pcl 6 Sefies Printer This chapter provides step by step information on setting up your printer.

Attach the springs to the upper holes only for especially thin paper.

If the LCT is installed, you may need to disconnect it so the front door can open far enough to allow removal of the development unit. Density Level 1 Dark: Then you will see aficio bp20 series pcl 6 component list so that you can remove any of them individually. Outer slot position LT: Original Width Aficio bp20 series pcl 6 3.

Using this mode will extend the life of your toner cartridge and reduce your cost per page, but will reduce the print quality. Printer Program Printer application registrations with the Program job settings feature. The original set sensor switches on, the pick-up roller drops, and sensor [around location A] on the pick-up roller assembly switches off.

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